About Us


Having spent almost 10 years working for some of the biggest names in the cosmetics and skincare industries, Magda Hajduk realised something was missing from the existing skincare market; either products were effective and artificial, or they were natural and niche. She believed there was an opportunity for a new, modern experience in natural skincare. Magda understood the power of natural ingredients to deliver real results and it struck her that there was a consumer desire for truly effective skincare from raw natural materials. She set out on a journey to forge a new direction in natural skincare. Successfully launched in 2013 Naturativ today is an established and growing brand sold throughout Europe. Bringing its knowledge of naturally effective and sensorially stimulating skincare to a loyal following of customers.


Philosophy - THE POWER OF PURE


Naturativ is sumptuous on the skin and a treat for the senses – a precious moment in time that lets you relax, revitalise and re-focus.


Truly effective and totally natural. Naturativ is powered by pure ingredients that really work, helping you to discover the efficacy of natural essences. Here we need to add what I will explain tomorrow.


Exploration and experience. With twenty years in the beauty industry to help us know what works, we keep discovering new ingredients and leading the way for natural skincare.


Ground-breaking formulas designed to suit your skin, your mood, and your lifestyle. We’ve perfected the art of balance and blend, to provide pleasure with results.


Why embrace the artificial when you can get more from staying pure? We’ve got nothing to hide; we’re all-natural all the time.