Why Naturativ

Our formulas include over 200 carefully selected ingredients qualified for use in truly natural cosmetics.

The Naturativ offer includes over 80 natural and extremely effective cosmetics for the face, body and hair. No other Polish brand can be proud of such a wide range!

Naturativ cosmetics conquer the world! You can find them in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Spain and Finland, where they win many consumer awards!

Our Story

The story of Naturativ, like many other stories, began with fascination and utter passion, when our founder Magda Hajduk was on one of her trips abroad and came across natural and nature based cosmetics. It was love from first sight. She could not stop thinking about them. Her immediate thought was "How do I produce natural cosmetics but make them better than anything I have seen".

What the skincare market offered then was a choice between products with great natural ingredients or products  that were convenient and pleasant to use. In other words, the truly natural skincare products were not formulated to ensure the convenience of use in a morning rush. Magda, as a working mum of three wanted both.

Nature offers the best

Magda believed that natural cosmetics were best for the skin, but, whilst upbringing three children and having professional career, she could not afford to go back to her grandmother's beauty routines. She knew that other women thought the same way - they preferred natural products, but very few had the time to engage in time consuming routines to take care of their skin.

What women wanted were gorgeous natural skincare products which were effective, but which also had modern, fast-absorbing textures that worked well and maintained their make up. Time starved, these women dreamed of natural, effective, comfortable and refreshing products to provide moments of pleasure, but without the necessity  to turn their bathroom into a laboratory.

So Magda decided to face the challenge which seemed like Mission Impossible then - a challenge to create uncompromising, certified cosmetics that would be natural but that would not get in the way of modern womens' lifestyles and expectations.

Effective and luxurious

Years of multiple trials, failures and uncompromising determination finally paid off -  using the best raw materials, and the latest technology, she managed to create essential, effective formulas with luxurious, velvety textures and stunning scents. The delight of friends and neighbours resulted in business proposals and finally Magda's first cosmetic brand was born. It was very much liked it in her native Poland, but lacked international appeal. Being well familiar with great capabilities of Polish cosmetics industry, and seeing growing demand for natural cosmetics worldwide, Magda’s ambition became the world, and Naturativ brand was launched in 2013 in Japan.


Japan proved to be a launchpad for Naturativ’s distribution, and soon orders from Europe, from such demanding markets as Scandinavia started pouring in. So did the new energy and momentum to create even more perfect cosmetics, for all those who, like us, believe in The Power of Pure.

Magda's Beloved products

Try Magda's favourite products that she uses even today.



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