The Power of Nature

Natural cosmetics have come a long way: from heavy ointments in apothecary jars to products that you can use comfortably and with real pleasure. In their modern version, they have little in common with dusty concoctions from years ago.


At Naturativ, we create skincare products using the latest science and latest cosmetic innovations in their natural versions. Vegetable retinol, natural silicones, natural vitamin E, biotechnological hyaluronic acid, plant peptides, bioferments and many more. The list is long, and you can rest assured that our products are both - innovative and effective - whilst absolutely free of any controversial ingredients.


We are keen to use raw materials that have been known for generations, but only those that have confirmed their valuable properties not only from centuries of use, but also by passing regimental eye of modern science. Our base are cold-pressed oils, vegetable butter, waxes and bioextracts. They mostly come from organic farms. However, neither nature nor cosmetology stand still. Nature continues to surprise us with new discoveries, and laboratories continue to work on developing ever more perfect active substances. Our focus on both results in our truly natural products serving your skin ever better.


Innovative, if not groundbreaking natural raw materials quickly find their way intoour products. However, nothing gets there either by chance or under marketing pressures from businesses promoting just one latest most talked about ingredient.
Before introducing any new substance into our products, we first work very hard on ensuring that it truly works, so to be confident that every ingredient in our cosmetics does to your skin exactly what it promises. We are always alert, but we are never in a hurry.


Only the best skincare products are good enough for us. Uncompromising in content and uncompromisingly ecosensual, extremely effective and just as unique. With delicate aromas, but strength of action. Only the best. Exactly what your skin deserves. We focus on the effectiveness of our formulas because we know that your skin does not have an easy life. That is why we watch the progress of cosmetology with the utmost care, we follow the experts and, above all, we constantly listen to our customers, because it is you who best understand the needs of your skin and the nuances of care it requires. Our ambition is to have products so perfect that you will want them for life. And that takes years of work and effort of many competent and talented people. We always test the first versions of our new formulas on ourselves before sending them to the professional research labs.



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