We have over eighty different skin care and hair care products for you at the moment. Only six of them are not vegan but they contain ethically sourced, certified beeswax and biotechnological yoghurt, which do wonders for your skin and hair.


Truly natural, certified cosmetics, the only ones we produce, are created by deploying the so-called "green chemistry" processes.

These processes are familiar to you from food preparation: pressing, filtration, distillation, fermentation, to name a few. These are then complimented by sophisticated, laboratory processes, advanced technology, and above all,

in depth know-how of the best world specialists. They all serve one purpose

- to make the most out of the beneficial properties of the natural ingredients for the greatest impact on your skin.

Eco packaging

We only use packaging which allows 100% use of the content which we fill it to the brim.

We work closely with waste management companies and with their guidance we select packaging made from materials which can be most easily recovered and re-processed.

At the moment these are white glass, PP and HDPE plastics. That's why you won't find

our cosmetics in dark jars or vials - they're not recyclable.

Our eco company life

At our core, we are passionate about the health and well-being of our planet, which is why we proudly refer to ourselves as Lovers of Mother Earth. We are committed to taking responsible actions that are as environmentally friendly as possible, and constantly seek out new and innovative pro-ecological solutions to improve our sustainability practices.

We place a high priority on investing in environmentally friendly production methods and components for our goods in order to reduce our negative environmental impact. We take the highest care and consideration while sourcing our raw materials, ensuring they are acquired in a way that is respectful to and responsible to the environment. The use of genetically modified plants (GMOs) is strictly prohibited under our policy, which reflects our steadfast dedication to protecting the natural biodiversity of our planet.

We are aware that every choice we make, no matter how big or small, can have a significant effect on the condition of our planet. Because of this, we always try to make the most sustainable and environmentally responsible decisions and thoroughly examine the possible effects of each and every action we do.



It is important that the consumer can easily discard the packaging, so the packaging has more chances to be recycled later. Below you will find instructions for cutting the Naturativ packaging.



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