REGENERATION Line HAIR MASK, Shampoo & Conditioner Limited Time Offer!

$38.00 USD $75.00 USD

Experience the follicle stimulating, growth boosting, gently soothing, free-radical fighting, ultra-nourishing  miracle of hibiscus, bhringaraj, soap wort and wheat proteins in one go with Naturativ Regeneration Mask.

Naturativ Regeneration Conditioner Avocado, fenugreek, lemon and fig extracts reverse the ill effects of the sun, environmental chemicals and pollutants; deeply nourishing, strengthening and moisturizing your locks for a healthy-looking gloss.  

Naturativ Regeneration Shampoo is perfect for dry and severely damaged hair. Thoughtfully chosen extracts of fig, fenugreek, avocado and hibiscus reverse the adverse effects of heat and chemical treatment, stimulates circulation, deeply moisturizes and strengthens hair follicles leaving hair strong silky and shiny.