Skin damage or skin problem is something which almost every person deals with, which can be caused because of natural factors such as cell turnover rate, hyperpigmentation or fine lines which can be hereditary. Skin damage can also occur as a result of over exposure to sun and pollution or lifestyle habits. We did discuss about all these skin damages in our previous blog.

Now the most interesting thing is that there is a solution to all your skin related issues. Naturativ is the answer to all skin problems.
The first and the most important requirement for the process of your skin solutions is cleansing your skin at least twice a day. Naturativ Cleansing Milk would help in removal of makeup and dust particles. Cleansing your skin twice with Naturativ cleansing milk would leave your skin feeling soft, clean and hydrated.

Naturativ Eco-ampule 1 serum is best suited for the dull skin. This ultra-hydrating skin serum would help with brightening your dull and speckled skin. Naturativ Eco Ampule 1 is a natural serum for dry and sensitive skin. It moisturizes the skin, giving a soothing effect and reducing irritation. It is one the best product for the urban skin solution.

Naturativ Eco Ampule 5 is a light weight serum which brings back the glow in your eyes. This eye treatment serum softens the look of dark circles and puffiness while protecting the delicate eye area from environmental pollution. The hyaluronic acid in the serum helps plump up the fine line and give a refreshed look to the eye area.

The change in lifestyle and food habits contributes highly to our skin damage and loss of moisture in our skin. Once the moisture from the skin is lost, different types of skin related issues comes into the picture. So it always a best practice to keep our skin moisturized.

NATURATIV DAY CREAM PREVENTION is one of the most loved product. Along with hydrating and moisturizing, Naturativ Day Cream acts as a
perfect make up base. Applying the product daily gives the skin more vibrant and radiant look.  Our skin needs to be moisturized 24 hours.

NATURATIV NIGHT CREAM PREVENTION helps to sooth away the fine lines. This nighttime moisturizer helps your skin recover while it's most receptive to nourishment thus give a brighter, more rested look the next morning. The presence of peptide helps
to increases collagen synthesis and reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Excessive exposure to sunlight damages the skin to a great extent. 90% of the skin damage is caused as a result of exposure to UV rays which lead to early signs of aging. This implies the importance of usin sunscreen for our skin on a regular basis.

NATURATIV BBB FACE CREAM is one of our multitasking cream
which along with skin care, protects from harmful UV rays. The anti-leukine present in the products skin from the damage caused by the UV radiation. Naturativ BBB Cream gives a soothing effect and improves the tightness of the blood vessels thus reducing the signs of aging. It also provides softness, elasticity and protects against water evaporation from inside the skin.

So to conclude, taking proper care of skin isn’t any rocket science, it is as simple as icing on cake. Just with proper use of product and a little effect you could gift yourself a healthy, glowing and a younger looking skin.