No matter how hard we try to relax by the end of the day, something always prevents from relaxing completely. Stress is something very unfortunate and is unavoidable which is the effect of our lifestyle. Life is and can be more stressful at times. Work commitments, family troubles, financial responsibility
the list goes on and on.

Sometimes all these together can be a little overwhelming but we need to end
our day stress free. That is the reason, it is so important to make time to just relax. Whether it may be walk on the beach, meditation, cooking or soaking yourself in warm water tub, something which gets you into relaxed state of mind. We all need to find a way to unwind ourself and have a stress free life.

The first and the foremost thing to be done is to set a routine, it will help in creating a boundary between work life and personal life. No matter how hard it gets to follow a routine, we should stick to it so as to make
relaxation a bit easier. Make yourself comfortable. Being comfortable or getting comfortable clothes is one of the component to getting yourself relaxed. Getting into something lose, soft and cozy will help in transitioning into the relaxation mode at the end of the day leaving all the stress behind.

Switch off your electronic device and write down your thoughts. Browsing through the social media might affect your sleep routine and increase your stress level. One of the best option is to shut down the electronic device and try to connect with yourself. Writing down your thoughts would help to get a relaxed body and also help to calm your mind.

After having a stressful day, soaking yourself in warm water tub would help in releasing all the stress and tension in your body. Naturativ Home Spa range of products will be very helpful in having stress free night.
Naturativ Home Spa Simulating Sugar Scrub helps with gentle exfoliation, extensive healing and relaxing. The rich blend of grapefruit, mandarin and rosemary essential oils with sugar cane crystals buffs away little bumps and flakes.

Naturativ simulating sugar scrub will help you get an experience of having an intensive exfoliation and smooth glowing skin and ultimates helps in stress relief.
Naturativ Home Spa Rich Body Butter is non greasy and creamy body butter which melts into your skin and gives shows moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin.

It is a perfect combination of soothing aloe vera and antioxidising shea butter in form of non greasy protective layer which strenghtens the dried skin. Massaging this creamy super absorbant butter after a nice bubbly bath, will help relieving stress to a great extend.

Naturativ Home Spa Rich Hand Balm is developed to soften,firm and moisturize dry hands. Gently massaging your hand with Naturativ Hand Balm reduces the stress in your tired hands. It is enriched with grape seed oil, evening primrose oil, natural vitamin E and aloe vera extracts helps in reducing the negative effects of neglect and harsh chemical exposure.

Naturativ Home Spa Rich Foot Balm soothes your dry, cracked heels and makes them ready to dance. It provides intensice conditioning which brings the extra layer of moisture and gives a protection to the damaged feet. Naturativ Foot Balm is formulated with tree tea and manuka oils which helps to purify and prevent odor. After having a long stress full day, massaging the foot balm just before sleep helps in reducing the tension and makes it ready to be happy feets for the next morning. In between all the hectic activities that surrounds our lives, finding some ‘me’ time is very well deserved but seems harder and harder. But we know important it is to find that time and let go all your stress and tension. So just keep trying and trying.