In today’s time, air pollution is a worldwide problem. In fact 91% of the world’s population lives in a place where air quality is totally polluted. We often take the pollution for granted. We feel that we are surrounded by clean air, but the truth is, the air in our homes can get pretty dirty as compared to the outside air.

We know that the three S’s – sun, stress and smoke can responsible for premature aging of our skin. Air pollution particles can be found everywhere, which are small enough to enter our skin and accelerate the brown/black spots, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and lack of firmness.

Our skin acts like a natural barrier for the pollution particles but excess exposure to them, increases the effects on the skin. Some of the form of pollution are traffic fumes, tobacco smoke, emission from industrial plants, smog, solvents, dust and debris from fires etc.

In order to have a perfect skin, the balance between the free
radical and antioxidants needs to be maintained. But the pollution particles contribute a lot towards the increase in the level of free radical as a result of which the antioxidants capacity of our skin gets overwhelmed and may no longer be able to balance the free radicals. As a result there can be uneven break outs in our skin, uneven skin tone, breakdown of essential protein in our skin.

The presence of the free radicals may have negative effects on our skin but the good news is that we can reduce the effect of free radicals caused by pollution and protecting skin from external damage. Following a proper skincare regime would protect and repair our skin from the damage caused by the
pollution particles. It is very important to use products having anti-oxidants and its property in them which can would help in protecting out skin against pollution. So choosing the product wisely is crucial. Below are few

Naturativ products which has anti-oxidants properties in them.

Naturativ Cleansing milk AOX 360° is the first step in the process of protecting skin from pollution.

Cleansing milk product which is used to was away all the dirt and dust particles from the skin. It fights against free radicals, nourishes and heals, giving our skin a smooth finish. Don’t forget to wipe your face with a soft towel.
Naturativ Face Cream AOX 360° is the finest blend of anti-oxidants, moisturizers and rejuvenators. It helps in reducing the sign of aging and helps to regain the lost moisture in our skin. Using the product twice on regular basis will help in fighting against free radical and protecting skin from pollution.
Naturativ Face Mask AOX 360° is a soothing, anti-oxidizing, intensely hydrating, anti-inflammatory mask which ensures dull, lifeless skin fades away to reveal the soft, supple, youthfully radiant skin.

The anti-oxidizing property in the mask helps to reverse the visible signs of premature aging which is caused because of the pollution. This ultra-cooling gel mask lifts up the sagging skin thus protecting skin from pollution and other harmful particles present in the environment.

Naturativ BBB cream is a multitasking cream that gives us the benefit of make up as well as SPF 30 in one go. As UV rays are tops contributors to the early signs of aging, applying sunscreen is very important for our skin. Naturativ BBB cream is available in 3 shades, go ahead and choose the one which suits you’re the best and protect your skin from pollution and early aging.

Naturativ formulated all of their products so as to provide real solutions for skin suffering from harmful pollution particles and stress in caused due to lifestyle.
So we should not let aging become a constant battle with your environment and lifestyle. Let your air around you help you age gracefully and later, rather than sooner.  Pollution affects us every day, but just like your skin care routine do make a routine of protecting your skin from pollution so as to prevent early signs of aging.