Frizzy hair, something we all have been there and know the struggle to manage it. Straight, wavy or curly frizzy hair is a universal challenge. Frizzy hair is the result of dry and damaged hair, which can cause due to environmental effects like pollution, dust or lifestyle. Our hair can get prone to it especially if it is dry
and brittle, but choosing the right hair care product and following some simple steps can help in getting rid of frizzy hair.

First let’s briefly discuss about frizzy hair and what does it actually mean. Basically frizz refers to the strands of hair which stick out from the rest of the hair, which is usually smaller and dryer strand. Frizz generally adopts a different texture than the rest of your locks. So what causes frizzy hair?

There are many reasons for that, let’s have a look:

1. Humidity – One of the most common reason is humidity and excess moisture in the air which triggers frizzy hair.
2. Drying process of hair – Using a blow dryer or curler or a straightener heats the follicles in our hair and as a result the hair loses its moisture. Ultimately results in frizzy hair.
3. Styling Process – When we try to style our hair with hair care products which contains sulphur or other harsh chemicals, hair gets prone to drying and developing lifted shingles.
4. Hair color – When we use hair color having ammonia, the chances of developing frizzy hair gets higher. As we know ammonia can damage our hair which includes split ends, drying of hair and fading of the color.

So these are few things that causes the frizzy hair. To be on the positive side, with choosing right hair care product and following simple hair care tips, we can say good bye to frizzy hair. Talking about right hair care products, Naturativ offers a perfect solution to the frizzy hair. The triple combination of shampoo, conditioner and mask is the best ever solution to frizzy hair. Now let’s discuss about the products in detail.

 NATURATIV REGENERATION SHAMPOO is the perfect frizzy hair product as it deeply moisturizes and strengthens the hair follicles. Naturativ Regeneration Shampoo is a sulfate- free light weighted shampoo which has a blend of avocado and hibiscus extract that helps protect the hair from harmful and
damaging environmental effects.

NATURATIV REGENRATION CONDITIONER works perfectly to nourish, strength and moisturize your locks for a healthy looking hair. This conditioner is worth every penny as it fights against frizz and untangles your tresses in seconds. Naturativ Regeneration Conditioner is the best treatment for damaged and
dried hair giving your hair a softer and silkier feel than ever.

NATURATIV REGENERATION HAIR MASK, an ultra-rich, hydrating hair mask that is packed with vitamins and nutrients to moisturize, soften, and smoothen your frizzy hair. It restores and repairs the damaged hair giving your hair elasticity and shine. Just like a cool drink of water, for your hair this mask quenches
strands’ thirst. Enriched with natural antioxidants like cranberry and cannabis oils, Regeneration hair mask restores damaged hair and improves hair texture.

Now let’s talk about some tips on how to keep your hair frizz free.
1. Choose a sulfate free shampoo as it helps to maintain hair’s natural oil level leaving the hair moisturized.
2. Always use conditioner after shampoo as it helps to maintain the hydration level in cuticles so that it penetrate deep and keep the strands moisturized.
3. Use Hydrating mask twice a week which will prevent cuticles opening up.
4. Let your hair dry 90% naturally before using a blow dryer.
5. Use a diffuser when using a blow dry as it will reduce the direct heat and forceful air flow hitting your hair and will help keeping your hair smooth.
6. Do not rub your hair after wash. Just dab and slowly slide down.
7. Opt for a softer fabric towel rather than a rough towel for drying your hair.

So with the use of right product and incorporating these simple tips in your hair care routine you can get a frizz free and healthy looking hair and no more furiously wiping your face with your hand trying to figure out where the heck that stray hair landed.